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Trouble In Paradise

Trouble In Paradise, La Roux, Alexander Brown

La Roux
Trouble In Paradise
Polydor Records 2014

La Roux - Sidetracked

Art Direction : Alexander Brown
Design : Alexander Brown
Photography : Andy Whitton
Label : Rennaisance

La Roux - Gold Tour

La Roux - Gold Tour

La Roux - Quicksand (Re Release)

la Roux - Quicksand - - Alexander Brown

La Roux - Im Not Your Toy alexander brown La Roux Im Not Your Toy Artwork

La Roux - Back cover

La Roux - Album Spread

La Roux center spread
La Roux Back Cover

When we started the project, we were always really into this idea of a futuristic version of Brixton, it having a bladerunner-esque quality which we could tap into. I met Elly several times in Brixton where we would wander round the markets and alleyways, finding all the cool little corners which would make an awesome shot. Taking influence from everything from watchmen to streets of rage, it was a long process of getting something right.

I took the photograph underneath the Brixton station overpass, where someone threatened to stab me! Luckily he didnt and I got the image!

Street Photography : Alexander Brown
Photography : Andy Whitton

Back Cover

The idea for the back cover came from the idea of seeing glimpses of this future world within reflections. Reflections are quite a strong theme within the album, and fit with the whole fantasy/reality concept within the campaign.

La Roux - Album Cover

La Roux Album Cover

La Roux album cover
Polydor ©2009

Art Direction and Design : Alex Brown and Traffic
Photography : Andy Whitton

La Roux - Bulletproof

Bulletproof Single Cover

This is the second single for La Roux,

it was based on a variety of sources (mostly 80s gold) and was an idea which happened really quickly. I knew I wanted Ellie on a chair, but we couldnt decide what would work best. I had created a demo using an out-take from the In For the Kill shoot, so in the end, I went out and bought a leather car seat from the breakers yard, I think it adds that authentic slice of 80s chique without being too recognizable.

Although it did take a while to convince the guy in the breakers yard that I didn't need the seat for a specific car!

I had originally planned the shot to be at night, but because the track was scheduled for a summer release, we decided to go for a hazy sunset.

The whole campaign was originally centered around a futuristic Brixton, however in this we are looking out over the rooftops, and only glimpses were needed in this case.

It was a very fun sleeve, I think. I hope everyone liked it.

Popjustice seemed to think so ;

La Roux - In For The Kill

This is the first single sleeve I designed / Art Directed for Laroux.
The whole project was based on initial ideas and discussions about a 'future brixton' landscape, and as this was the first single I wanted to create a sense of arrival. I wanted to capture the look from the 1980s poster for the film Robocop.

When trying to find a car that would embody this bold 1980s futurism, the car I chose was the Toyota MR2. Described as looking like a car made out of Lego, it epitomizes the era.

The subsequent video directed by Kinga Burza for Partizan, used the exactly the same car and effectively created a video version of the sleeve.

Photography : Andy Whitton
Design : Alexander Brown & Traffic
Product Manager : Hannah Neaves
Artist : La Roux
Label : Polydor