La Roux - In For The Kill

This is the first single sleeve I designed / Art Directed for Laroux.
The whole project was based on initial ideas and discussions about a 'future brixton' landscape, and as this was the first single I wanted to create a sense of arrival. I wanted to capture the look from the 1980s poster for the film Robocop.

When trying to find a car that would embody this bold 1980s futurism, the car I chose was the Toyota MR2. Described as looking like a car made out of Lego, it epitomizes the era.

The subsequent video directed by Kinga Burza for Partizan, used the exactly the same car and effectively created a video version of the sleeve.

Photography : Andy Whitton
Design : Alexander Brown & Traffic
Product Manager : Hannah Neaves
Artist : La Roux
Label : Polydor